I have many years of experience in systems, networking and development. From end-user support to high level systems architecture, I’m involved at all levels. I consistently strive to produce end-to-end solutions that solve customer problems, all it takes is time, thought and hard work.

My skills include development, systems engineering, network engineering and solutions architecture. I am proficient in many programming languages including Ruby, Python, Bash, Go and familiar with C#, Java, Elixir and many more. I am constantly learning new languages and technologies, I believe in constant growth and evolution. With my varied experience I help propel any project to completion, regardless of the problem domain I work to provide value wherever my team is lacking expertise.

I specialize in high traffic, highly available systems, I’ve helped design, code and run several very popular high traffic sites. I pride myself on thorough system scalability and availability, I constantly strive to provide at least 5 nines of uptime for every highly available system I have been involved in. I follow SRE best practices and focus on observability, ease of use, and maintainability.

My resume is available in several formats including PDF, Word Document, Open Office Document, and Plain Text.

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