AbiDNS now LithiumDNS!

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s used WTFDNS/AbiDNS over the years. Your support and kind words made it a pleasure to run this service for as long as I did.

Because of all the changes in my personal and professional life I’ve let the development of this project slip over the last couple years. I know there are a lot of requests and ideas for this service that have gone unaddressed, but now that I’ve transferred ownership to the people at Lithium Hosting I think we’ll finally see some major improvements. They’ve agreed to keep the service free, simple and consistent as it’s always been, and I urge anyone who enjoys the service to help them out by using their paid services too.

Thanks for all the good times, and enjoy the new LithiumDNS!

Sign up for Lithium Hosting today.

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