AbiDNS now LithiumDNS!

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s used WTFDNS/AbiDNS over the years. Your support and kind words made it a pleasure to run this service for as long as I did. Because of all the changes in my personal and professional life I’ve let the development of this project slip over the last couple years. I know there are a… Read more →

IPv6 Updates

All of the Azuretek services are now running IPv6! I migrated all of my services to Host Virtual for geographic diversity at a good price but also for their IPv6 support. As part of the migration I decided to upgrade the AbiDNS service to support IPv6 natively. AbiDNS is ready to go with IPv6, our DNS servers have been updated… Read more →

Check Cisco HSRP State

I got tired of not having an HSRP monitor to check the state of my routers so I went ahead and modified this wonderful VRRP monitor to do HSRP instead. The only HSRP monitor I’ve found here had some issues and was limited in the way I could check for my router status. Download the script Usage: ./check_snmp_hsrp.pl [-v] -H… Read more →

Craphost.com and WTFServe.com

I’m in the process of doing some upgrade to our current infrastructure, part of this upgrade is also to add new services to the Azuretek Web Services roster. Right now we only have been doing OpenVZ based VPSes with pretty good success at wtfserve.com. Recently however we’ve decided to invest a lot of time and money into bigger and better… Read more →


NetRiver is officially using Joomla as a CMS solution. Because of this I’m working on a way to automate installation and templating from our development team. Currently it takes me about 3 hours of modification to successfully template a Joomla install. I’m working on a way to automate most of the process and basically get those 3 hours of my… Read more →