I’m experienced in many facets of information technology, I have been involved from the customer support side all the way up to high level systems architecture. From my experience I feel there is always a way to produce your desired product, it just takes time, thought and hard work.

My skills include development, systems engineering, administration and solutions architecture. I am proficient in many programming languages including PHP, Java, Perl, Python and I’m capable of writing C#, C/C++, Ruby and many more. I have years of experience with Linux/Unix administration including change control, system accountability, application/systems monitoring and system recovery. On the flip side I am also well versed in the intricacies of Windows server environments including active directory, policy management, system security and reliability.

I specialize in high traffic, highly available systems, I’ve helped design and implement some of the largest most popular web sites and applications. I pride myself on thorough system scalability and availability, I constantly strive to be able to provide near 100% uptime for every highly available system I have been part of.

My resume is available in several formats including PDF, Word Document, Open Office Document, and Plain Text.

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