AbiDNS now LithiumDNS!

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s used WTFDNS/AbiDNS over the years. Your support and kind words made it a pleasure to run this service for as long as I did. Because of all the changes in my personal and professional life I’ve let the development of this project slip over the last couple years. I know there are a… Read more →

IPv6 Updates

All of the Azuretek services are now running IPv6! I migrated all of my services to Host Virtual for geographic diversity at a good price but also for their IPv6 support. As part of the migration I decided to upgrade the AbiDNS service to support IPv6 natively. AbiDNS is ready to go with IPv6, our DNS servers have been updated… Read more →

Check Certificate Revocation List

I couldn’t find any existing CRL check that worked that could hit a URL and check the next update time on a CRL file. Also I didn’t want to use any weird libraries other than curl and openssl. So I wrote this. Download the script Usage: ./check_crl_url -U <url> -w <days> -c <days> Expected output looks like this: CRL OK:… Read more →

My new obsession with Arduino

It looks like I caught the hobby electronics bug, bought a couple Arduino Uno boards and I’ve been soldering and coding since. First project is building a clock, I have the clock portion done I am just working on the LED Matrix display software right now. Also while catching up on my soldering technique I accidentally burned the leads off… Read more →

Check Cisco HSRP State

I got tired of not having an HSRP monitor to check the state of my routers so I went ahead and modified this wonderful VRRP monitor to do HSRP instead. The only HSRP monitor I’ve found here had some issues and was limited in the way I could check for my router status. Download the script Usage: ./check_snmp_hsrp.pl [-v] -H… Read more →

New Logos and Sites

I’ve got some new services coming out, craphost.com and fuckingservers.com. Finally got the logos done for me, I’m working on the actual sites and services now. Read more →

Craphost.com and WTFServe.com

I’m in the process of doing some upgrade to our current infrastructure, part of this upgrade is also to add new services to the Azuretek Web Services roster. Right now we only have been doing OpenVZ based VPSes with pretty good success at wtfserve.com. Recently however we’ve decided to invest a lot of time and money into bigger and better… Read more →

Adam Carolla Podcast!

Now that The Adam Carolla Show is off the air he’s moved over to a podcast format, listen to him now! http://carollaradio.com/2009/02/23/acp-20090223/ Check him out, uncensored and unedited. Read more →

New URL and Design

As some might have noticed, I’ve recently updated my domain to abirendon.com and I’ve also applied a new wordpress theme, just made a few tweaks but it all seems to be working splendidly and it looks good. I’ll be posting some guides on setting up and configuring VMWare ESXi, converting VMWare Server VMs to ESXi format, configuring a raid 5… Read more →

New Hardware for WTFServe

Today was a busy day, at Airbiquity we went live with the Ford Sync Project, but before that I did some work for my own project. We installed some new hardware, this includes 2 new VM servers and a storage array as well as networking equipment. Read more →

I am voting for…


If you’re an American of the United States variety you may have noticed there’s an election going on, and on, and on, and on. It’s been a long standing tradition amongst our culture in this great nation to stretch out events as long as possible, if you’re not picking out presents in August you might as well end it all now because god knows your grandchildren need new socks at the ready for that special day oh so many months away. Read more →

Atheist Bus

I’ve been reading a lot of back and forth between atheists and theists regarding the Atheist Bus Campaign, and I feel like the major idea behind the campaign is being lost. This isn’t about being anti-religion or pro anything, it’s about letting people know it’s ok to not have a belief in god, that you’re not evil or immoral if… Read more →

Splunk on SUSE with Firefox 3, forever loading…

If you’re using SLES or any other Suse variant you might be wondering why your Splunk installation is constantly in a loading loop unless you browse to it using Internet Explorer. After lots of hacking around, reboots and google searches I emailed the splunk team about my problem. At first they didn’t seem to understand my problem but they did… Read more →

Gooncity, from SomethingAwful

I’m sure most have seen this by now but this project is still growing and you should see it every couple weeks to see the progress. GoonCity This project was started by a goon (Ryan Allen) with lots of artistic talent at the SA forums, and it immediately snowballed. The idea is similar to previous projects such as the blue… Read more →

HTML, CSS, and Positioning

As many may have noticed I now have a brand new layout and I’m really digging it. It didn’t come with it’s share of problems though and I’ll point them out here. I started with the base layout, it’s called Aeros it was put together by Joe at thebuckmaster.com. I didn’t change too much but I did make some changes… Read more →

My Job, Syslog, and Splunk

I have been working as the Senior Systems Engineer in the operations group at a company called Airbiquity for the past year or so. As part of my daily job I come into contact with many new and interesting products and things that help me do my job better. Firstly, how often do you find that you need to constantly… Read more →

Job Search

So as some of you may know, I’ve been looking for a new job. If anyone knows of any job openings just let me know. So far I’ve applied to a few but due to the holiday season only a couple have gotten back to me in a timely manner. I hope to get some word back come the new… Read more →

Samsung Blackjack

So I received my blackjack yesterday, so far I’d have to say it’s pretty neat. I’m enjoying it a lot. My only issues is the battery life, also moving my contacts over was a little more time consuming than I’d have hoped. I still haven’t tried to write any applications for it but after I’m all moved I’ll give that… Read more →


NetRiver is officially using Joomla as a CMS solution. Because of this I’m working on a way to automate installation and templating from our development team. Currently it takes me about 3 hours of modification to successfully template a Joomla install. I’m working on a way to automate most of the process and basically get those 3 hours of my… Read more →