AbiDNS now LithiumDNS!

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s used WTFDNS/AbiDNS over the years. Your support and kind words made it a pleasure to run this service for as long as I did.

Because of all the changes in my personal and professional life I’ve let the development of this project slip over the last couple years. I know there are a lot of requests and ideas for this service that have gone unaddressed, but now that I’ve transferred ownership to the people at Lithium Hosting I think we’ll finally see some major improvements. They’ve agreed to keep the service free, simple and consistent as it’s always been, and I urge anyone who enjoys the service to help them out by using their paid services too.

Thanks for all the good times, and enjoy the new LithiumDNS!

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IPv6 Updates

All of the Azuretek services are now running IPv6! I migrated all of my services to Host Virtual for geographic diversity at a good price but also for their IPv6 support. As part of the migration I decided to upgrade the AbiDNS service to support IPv6 natively.

AbiDNS is ready to go with IPv6, our DNS servers have been updated with AAAA records and we have IPv6 glue. So anyone out there that’s looking for a fully capable IPv6 DNS service we’re available and still free as always.

ns1.abidns.com has address
ns1.abidns.com has IPv6 address 2607:f740:14::732
ns2.abidns.com has address
ns2.abidns.com has IPv6 address 2607:f740:e::5c2

I’ll also be migrating to PowerDNS so that we can fully support AXFRs soon, but that’ll have to wait until I have a bit more free time.

If you’re still on IPv4 he.net provides free IPv6 tunnels at Tunnelbroker.

Check Certificate Revocation List

I couldn’t find any existing CRL check that worked that could hit a URL and check the next update time on a CRL file. Also I didn’t want to use any weird libraries other than curl and openssl. So I wrote this.

Download the script

Usage: ./check_crl_url -U <url> -w <days> -c <days>

Expected output looks like this:

CRL OK: Expires in 4 Day(s) 21 Hour(s) 55 Minute(s) 24 Second(s).

My new obsession with Arduino

It looks like I caught the hobby electronics bug, bought a couple Arduino Uno boards and I’ve been soldering and coding since.

Arduino Uno

First project is building a clock, I have the clock portion done I am just working on the LED Matrix display software right now.

Also while catching up on my soldering technique I accidentally burned the leads off my real time clock, to fix it I soldered a solid core wire directly to the chip and then proceeded to rip the connection off the board when I tried to bend the wire. I’m already ordering a couple new RTC boards.

Second project is going to be one of those LED cubes, I’ve already ordered the LEDs and components I need. I’m still trying to fully grasp how to work with shift registers, relays and transistors though.

Electronics Work Bench

Check Cisco HSRP State

I got tired of not having an HSRP monitor to check the state of my routers so I went ahead and modified this wonderful VRRP monitor to do HSRP instead.

The only HSRP monitor I’ve found here had some issues and was limited in the way I could check for my router status.

Download the script

Usage: ./check_snmp_hsrp.pl [-v] -H <host> -C <snmp_community> [-2] | (-l login -x passwd [-X pass -L <authp>,<privp>]) -s <master|backup|num,%> [-p <port>] [-t <timeout>] [-V]

Check if router is the master:
./check_snmp_hsrp.pl -H <hostname> -C <snmpcommunity> -s master

Check if router is the backup:
./check_snmp_hsrp.pl -H <hostname> -C <snmpcommunity> -s backup

Craphost.com and WTFServe.com

I’m in the process of doing some upgrade to our current infrastructure, part of this upgrade is also to add new services to the Azuretek Web Services roster.

Right now we only have been doing OpenVZ based VPSes with pretty good success at wtfserve.com. Recently however we’ve decided to invest a lot of time and money into bigger and better things. Right now we have a few Atom based servers that we expect to sell well. We are also migrating from OpenVZ to Xen Source as our virtualization platform.

Part of these changes include the addition of WHMCS and SolusVM so that we can more easily provision and bill our customers.

In addition to all these new services and features we’re working on a re-design of wtfserve.com as well as the launch of our new commodity web hosting service craphost.com.

New URL and Design

As some might have noticed, I’ve recently updated my domain to abirendon.com and I’ve also applied a new wordpress theme, just made a few tweaks but it all seems to be working splendidly and it looks good.

I’ll be posting some guides on setting up and configuring VMWare ESXi, converting VMWare Server VMs to ESXi format, configuring a raid 5 array on an MSA20 via linux command line and hopefully some more interesting pictures.

I’ve also just bought an iphone so I’ll probably be messing around with doing updates on the go.